Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We completed the new version of SageStories--the digital narrative. We had feedback from folks (who were unfamiliar with Second Life) that they were confused by some of the "odd stuff" in the original...they asked things such as, "why is there a food pyramid in Sage's front yard?" and "who has a big sign in front of their house?"

In response, we retook many of the photos in Second life with our four characters and made sure that we either didn't capture or edited out the "odd stuff". That was quite a task, and harder than it sounds. We gave all the pictures to our Electronic Media Coordinator, who, along with students, put the slideshow back together. You can see the new version here: http://www.aging.ksu.edu/p.aspx?tabid=187

We have also created a lengthy article about healthy caregiving on eXtension and will post the videos on that web site as well. We are just waiting for the article to go through the peer review process. We had to wait until we could insert the videos into the articles for the reviewers!

Too, I also had the opportunity, with one of my K-State team members, to share The LiveAbility House and SageStories at the K-State Teaching, Learning, and Technology Showcase: http://id.ome.ksu.edu/roundtable/teaching-learning-and-technology-showcase/

We may take a break for a while--figure out next steps--stay tuned!

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