Thursday, August 12, 2010

Status Update

Although we haven't posted in a while, we have actually made quite a bit of progress!

We had to cancel the audio recording--again--because of the heat advisory. However, we finally managed to pull this off, and the unedited files are currently being cleaned up by a colleague at KSRE. We have about 8 minutes, total, of sound.

Another colleague has been working on putting the pictures together (the ones we took in Second Life). He and his student are anxiously awaiting the audio file, so that we can put it all together.

Sarah and I have been working on our submission to HERA--we are presenting about the project in November to the Housing Educators. Too, we were invited to write a book chapter, and we have crystallized our focus and begun that draft.

And I have been exploring the capabilities of "Softchalk" as a structure for all of these pieces, as well as working on a committee to plan a virtual fair in SL. It is likely that we will offer tours of The LiveAbility House to the public for several days as part of the educational offerings.

It has been busy!