Monday, October 26, 2009

Meeting with Kansas Agents

Today I met with six Kansas county agents via Adobe Connect. We toured the Second Life house (in Second Life!--the technology worked for everyone!) and discussed if/how agents saw it being useful in their counties. The overwhelming response was yes! One agent thought that agents would learn how to use SL and could tour the house as the presentation, similarly to what I did today with agents. Others thought that it would be good to have a dvd or cd that they could use in the field. Interestingly (to me, anyway) they thought it would be better to have a generic presentation, rather than scenarios--at least to start with...additional modules with specifics for TBI or AD could be added later...

One agent talked about how it would be great to have a 3-panel poster display, or even larger "visuals" of the house so that the experience would seem more immersive in the field...even if that meant items were harder to transport.

There was talk also, of using it to help people how their homes might be remodeled...I'll have to think about that.

Lastly, for me, it was a relief to hear that agents thought it was a GOOD thing that the AT devices were the same as what is in the kit. I thought that they might be bored with that, but they thought the repetition would be good for those that have heard the message before---and they thought that possibility would be slim in any case. So, less work for me, there...

All in all, a great meeting, and I am so grateful that folks were interested and willing to provide their opinion. I have a meeting with Sarah tomorrow and we'll see what's happening on her side.

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