Monday, October 26, 2009

Meeting with Kansas Agents

Today I met with six Kansas county agents via Adobe Connect. We toured the Second Life house (in Second Life!--the technology worked for everyone!) and discussed if/how agents saw it being useful in their counties. The overwhelming response was yes! One agent thought that agents would learn how to use SL and could tour the house as the presentation, similarly to what I did today with agents. Others thought that it would be good to have a dvd or cd that they could use in the field. Interestingly (to me, anyway) they thought it would be better to have a generic presentation, rather than scenarios--at least to start with...additional modules with specifics for TBI or AD could be added later...

One agent talked about how it would be great to have a 3-panel poster display, or even larger "visuals" of the house so that the experience would seem more immersive in the field...even if that meant items were harder to transport.

There was talk also, of using it to help people how their homes might be remodeled...I'll have to think about that.

Lastly, for me, it was a relief to hear that agents thought it was a GOOD thing that the AT devices were the same as what is in the kit. I thought that they might be bored with that, but they thought the repetition would be good for those that have heard the message before---and they thought that possibility would be slim in any case. So, less work for me, there...

All in all, a great meeting, and I am so grateful that folks were interested and willing to provide their opinion. I have a meeting with Sarah tomorrow and we'll see what's happening on her side.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Additional Development Notes

Here's an update on our meeting, and some additional notes from another.

1. We have a date to present to the Cooperative Extension system through eXtension on The LiveAbility House on November 19. Presenters include Deb and larry H and Sarah and LuAnn.

2. SLuAnn is working on the kiosks and drop box. We discussed needs for accessibility for the mailbox. Since then, Sarah has shared those and LuAnn and i are to meet to get this in place.

3. We are palnning no "open house" or any type of grnad opening for the house. instead, luAnn will post a sign that says group tours are avaialble and who to contact for same.

4. LuAnn did not think AgrAbility had any presence in SL--that it might be another platform.

5. We discussed the plans for the book chapter at length. LuAnn has requirements due to a personal project that she has; she will outline and work on the chapter as an eXtension project, rather than the LiveAbility House, although TLH will be mentioned in the chapter as the first eXtension project.

Notes from a meeting between Deb and Sarah
Sarah and I met October 1 and discussed next steps for the LiveAbility House--how can we best use it and get it in the hands of agents? Each of us agreed to chat with 4-5 agents in our states and ask them for ideas and feedback. meanwhile, we discussed moving forward with the online course--which would serve dual purposes, as we also envision it as an on-the-ground program for agents.

Our vision is to create a pilot, using specific scenarios. We will have facilitator questions and short machinimas, as long as factual information. Sarah and I are to both sketch out our ideas and we will get back together and compare notes. We plan on using traumatic brain injury as our first scenario, as this is in line with another one of Deb's projects and we may have some money to support the work.

We also talked about presentations and journal articles. Sarah is thinking that a presentation to Housing educators next year in Fall, in Oregon, would be well-received. She also brought up the idea of a journal article for Housing and Society. As we should have our data collection 'mailbox" up in SL soon, we should have some data to report on in the next year--as well as sharing project development information. Sarah will share information about the journal and we will begin thinking how to approach this.