Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Upcoming Meeting

Yes, all has been quiet here for a while...we have a team meeting coming up on Friday with a long list of agenda items:

1. Pick date in November for eXtension presentation; discuss; how have other presentations gone?
2. Status of evaluation--drop box--survey--etc
3. Plans for Housewarming in November
4. AgrAbility
5. Plans for book chapter
6. Status of next step plans--Deb and Sarah
7. Other?

You might see "book chapter" in the agenda. I was approached about submitting a proposal for a book chapter regarding the LiveAbility House. The timeline is so short; I am just not sure if we can do it. However, the team has said they wanted to give it a try--we'll talk more about it on Friday and see what we think.

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