Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Putting Future Plans Together

Sarah and I met today in Second Life and discussed the project. Here's what we decided:

1. We need to let eXtension family caregiving CoP and COI members know about what we are doing. We will host a SL presentation just for eXtension family caregiving on August 13, 10am CT. Sarah will make the arrangements through NCSU. We'll have a practice session on Tuesday, August 4 at 1pm CT. We will invite Beth Raney to attend. If things go well, and if Beth is interested, we could then provide a session for the entire eXtension system.

2. We are happy with the current home in SL, but there are things that we would both change and/or improve. We are also feeling the need to bring in some additional subject matter experts. We may arouse interest through the presentation on August 13.

Therefore, Sarah and I will both actively recruit 1-2 people to join us as SMEs.

We will also meet bi-monthly from now on. One of the things that we will do in these meetings is to evaluate each room/area in the house, hopefully with our new people on board. We will keep a list of the changes that we need to make and work on these. This final assessment needs to be completed BEFORE we move forward with the online course development. In this way, we have built a comprehensive learning lesson within the SL environment that can stand on its own.

3. We discussed the need for evaluation and reviewed what has been drafted to this point. We agreed that we need the more comprehensive survey. However, we also appreciate having the shorter "feedback" option as suggested by our other team members. We will pursue both at this time. We envision that the survey will have no more than 10 questions and will attempt to collect demographic information. Deb will use K-State's Axio survey to design it. We envision that the notecard provided in SL will simply ask: As a result of touring this house, what changes do you plan to make in your home or in the home of the person you care for? Participants can then leave the notecard in the mailbox. Deb will begin the IRB application at K-State.

4. We also discussed the need to provide eXtension with some type of finished product. While we are working on the assessment and evaluation components, we will design a Learning Lesson page within eXtension family caregiving. We will detail what SL is, what the LiveAbility House is, provide links to the blog and videos to learn more, and direct people to the SL website to sign up for an account and also provide the SLURL for The LiveAbility House for people who are already residents of SL.

5. We would like to have November as our end date for all that we have mentioned above. November is Family Caregiving Month, and while neither of us feel that a contest (as we have always talked about) is an option, we would like to think about an Open House or other type of marketing event to "launch" The LiveAbility House Project officially in SL.

Sarah and I will meet again in mid-July to check on progress of these items.

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