Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Presentation Summary

We hosted our two tours today in The LiveAbility House! Each tour was limited to 15 participants; we actually had about seven in each, including a few folks from the U.K. And, did we mention that one of our volunteer builders, DFox, is from Brazil?

In the presentation area, the participants received a welcome and overview of Cooperative Extension and eXtension family caregiving.

We then had participants walk over to the house entrance, where they heard about the initial vision for the project.

We then encouraged participants to tour the house on their own, and we were available to respond to questions. We have already received requests to present at other conferences, and there was much discussion about possible collaborations, especially for the issue of service dogs for people with disabilities.

The team was overall quite pleased with our efforts, especially since we are just ready for "prime time" and this could be considered our soft launch of the project.

Here is the conference description, taken from an email announcement from the SL HealthCare Digest, Volume 328, Issue 1, author Ricken Flow:

"The Nonprofit Commons, a project of TechSoup Global (TSG), today announced an all-day, innovative online event in Second Life to showcase recent developments in health care research, and to connect efforts in fighting disease and creating a cooperative and supportive environment for patients and their providers. The Health Panel Expo, an international online conference sponsored by, will be held on Wednesday, May 27, 2009, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST (also called Second Life Time, SLT) in the virtual world of Second Life and simultaneously in the real world, being broadcast live at the fourth annual NetSquared Conference at Cisco in San Jose, CA. The Second Life online event is free to attend and open to all interested participants. It will be accessible through Second Life, and all information will be available at

The Health Panel Expo marks the official launch of the Health Commons in
Second Life. As part of TSG's Nonprofit Commons project, Health Commons
seeks to bring together real-world health-related nonprofits, academics,
educators, thought-leaders, foundations, and volunteer-supporters to
showcase recent developments in health care....

8, 8:30 am- tours of accessible demo homes

9 am- mental health panel
10 am- HIV/AIDS panel
11 am Faster Cures
11:15 am- mobile/phone health
12:15 pmHIPPA
1pm- activity/diet
2pm- disability
3pm- cancer
4pm- Ren Stonecutter"

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Each universal design feature or assistive technology device now has its own color-coded number (UD=orange; AT=purple). When you click on the number, you hear 2-3 sentences discussing the feature or item. A real-life photograph of the item in use, along with the name and a short description pop up in a window. There are educational signs with audio about UD, AT, and caregiving posted throughout the house. Jeb has gotten into the act, as his dog food bowls now act as a catalyst to learn more about service dogs. He even has a doghouse out back! There's a free "SageAdvice" T-shirt, and hopefully, we will have a book that lists the universal design features and assistive technology items to give away to visitors.

As a picture is worth a thousand words...












Monday, May 4, 2009

Moving along...

The team met the other day to discuss our progress for the May 27th presentation. The web pages for assistive technology have all been completed, and the ones for the universal design features are underway. Our SL guru has been busy with other projects, but beginning this week will turn her attention to the prototype house and begin to build the few more items that we need.

Our next meeting is May 14th, and we should have all of the final details completed and we'll talk at that time about the actual structure of the presentation.