Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Opportunity

Our team was contacted by Gentle Huron of Virtual Ability Island. On May 27, the NonProfit Commons in Second Life will hold an all day conference on health care and disabilities. They have asked us participate by hosting a tour of the Live-Ability Home, and leading some discussion about the project and our aims. This is an exciting opportunity for us, even though we consider the house to be a prototype and not quite ready for "prime time". The team has agreed to participate, and we will meet next week to discuss what we need to do to prepare.

We would like to think that potentially, we could have the contest competition kick-off at this same time, as May is Older Americans Month. We were shooting at this as a deadline, but it didn't seem possible to make this happen. But now...? Perhaps!

Gentle Huron has also offered to give Sarah and I an individualized tour of Virtual Ability Island, and we will do that next week.

On another note, Carolina and I have talked about the caregiving issue in SL, and we will look for ways to become involved with the this group. Carolina is till interested in potentially hosting a seminar or conference of some kind on caregiving, and that would be an area where eXtension certainly has something to bring to the table.

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