Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Deciding on Some Plans

Today, several team members came together to discuss our current status and progress. The team decided that the first priority is to make the Live-Ability house more interactive and informative. There are two things that need to be done. First, the universal design features and assistive technology items need to be color-coded so that people know what category they fall into. Second, each feature and item need to be made "clickable"--so that when someone clicks on the item, it takes that person to a web page that shows a picture of the item and has some basic information about the item. These items will be completed by the presentation on May 27.

The team also discussed the contest, and decided that it is not possible to have it ready to go by May 27. Instead, we have established a timeline. A rough draft of the "Contest Call" will be completed by June 5. We will finish up the draft, and begin marketing in September, the contest will be in October, and the judging in November--which is National Caregivers' Month.

The team discussed whether the contest should target hobbyists or professional builders, and probably we will be able to attract hobbyists. The houses will only need the UD features, not the AT. We will only be able to accept the first 9 entries. Each house will be "empty" except for the UD, so each building will need about 300 prims.

We also discussed the May 27 presentation/tour. The plan right now is to have everyone teleport to the front lawn. We'll have a welcome address and speak generally about eXtension, as well as give an overview of SL building and how it is different from RL. Then we will give the tour and talk about the different items and the vision of the project.

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