Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Correction to the Plans

There is a correction and a few details that were missed in the previous entry.

In terms of the contest entries: reserving 20% of sim resources for infrastructure, we actually can accept up to 24 contest entries (not 9). This allows for a 2048 square meter parcel and 500 prims for each entry. Three winners will be chosen.

For the final build there would be 9 houses (3 of each winning design) with a 1300 prim limit for each house including the to be added AT features.

We discussed at length and agreed to add some non-educational details to the decor of the house, i.e. pictures, kitchen items, plants, flooring. This will be taken care of by the 5-27 tour or sooner.

Additional notes:

The plan for sim space is to add Morrill 3 and 4 to the south of Morrill and Morril2.

Morrill 4, south of Morrill will be allocated for the Family Caregiving contest/project. We will create the primary entrance to Morrilll 4 and the Live-ability project/contest west of the fair "main gate". The current Live-ability house would be relocated to the parcel on Morrill which is now the barrel racing, and become a "welcome" area. The accessible garden will be used as a public park on Morrill4.

We will reserve a 30x30m space in the northwest corner of Morrill 4 to combine with like parcels adjacent on the other 3 sims, and this will become eXtension's new "4 corners" large meeting space for high attendance events. The horse area will be relocated to the current Live-ability house parcel.

Morrill 3 will be available for future pilot projects or for another large CoP project.

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